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Opening Hours(WED - SUN)

Time: 11am – 3pm
Mon-Tue: Closed
  • Garlic bread(V)(4pcs)                                             (M)$4.5 (G) $5.5
  • Bowl of chips Medium                                                 (M)$4.5 (G)$5.5
  • Bowl of chips Large                                                      (M)$5.5 (G)$6.5
  • Spring rolls(V) (4pcs)                                              (M)$5.8(G)$6.8
  • Deep fried pork & prawn dim sims (4pcs)            (M)$6   (G)$7
  • Deep fried home-made prawn wontons (6pcs) (M)$7    (G)$7.8
  • Crumbed calamari ring (8pcs)                                 (M)$7.8 (G)$8.8
  • Salt & Pepper Squids (8pcs)                                     (M)$9     (G)$10.5
  • Mixed entree                                                                  (M)$12    (G)$13.8
    • Spring roll *2pcs siumai *2pcs wonton *2pcs calamari rings *3pcs
  • Plain gravy                                                                     (M) FREE   (G)$1.5


Specials Burgers & Schnitzel

  • Beef burger                                                        (M) $10 (G)$11
    • Home-made beef pattie, onion jam, cheese,tomato, beetroot, lettuce, w/ BBQ sauce  & chips 
  • Chicken schnitzel burger                               (M) $10  (G)$11
    • Chicken schnitzel, onion jam, cheese, tomato, beetroot,lettuce, w/ garlic aioli & chips 
  • Steak sandwich on Turkish Bread              (M) $13.8(G)$14.5
    • Minute steak, onion jam, cheese, tomato, egg, lettuce, w/ BBQ sauce & chips 
  • Home-made fresh chicken schnitzel         (M) $12  (G)$13
    • Served with chips, salad & plain gravy



Opening Hours(WED - SUN)

Time: 5am – 9pm
Mon-Tue: Closed


    • Bowl of Chips (V)

    • Bowl of Chips Medium                         (M)$4.5 (G)$5.5
    • Bowl of Chips Large                                        (M)$5.5 (G)$6.5
  • Spring rolls(V) (4pcs)                                   (M)$5.8(G)$6.8
  • Pork & Prawns Dim Sims (4pcs)             (M)$6   (G)$7
  • Home-made Prawn Wontons (6pcs) (M)$7    (G)$7.8
  • Crumbed calamari rings (8pcs)                           (M)$7.8 (G)$8.8
  • Salt & Pepper Squids (8pcs)                           (M)$9     (G)$10.5
  • Mixed entree
    • Spring rolls *2pcs, pork & prawn dim sims, *2pcs, wontons *2pcs, calamari rings *3pcs
  • Crispy Prawn with Chilli chicken salad (M)$16 (G)$17
    • Lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, mint,chilli, onion, chicken, deep fried prawn, home-made garlic chilli dressing
  • Plain Gravy (M) FREE (G) $1.5

Special Burgers & Schnitzels

  • Beef Burger (M)$13.5 (G)$14.8
    • Home-made beef patties, onion jam, cheese, tomato, beetroot, lettuce,
      w/ BBQ sauce & chips
  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger (M)$13.5 (G)$14.8
    • Chicken schnitzel, onion jam, cheese, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, w/ garlic
      aioli & chips
  • Steak sandwich on Turkish Bread (M)$16.5 (G)$18
    • Minute steak, grilled egg, cheese, tomato, onion jam, lettuce, w/ BBQ sauce & chips
  • Home-made fresh Chicken Schnitzel (M)$16 (G)$17
    • Served with chips, salad & plain gravy
  • Chicken Parmigiana (M)$18.5 (G)$19.8
    • Topped with napoli sauce, shredded ham & melted mozzarella cheese, chips & salad


Our Favourites

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise (M)$13.5 (G)$14.8
    • Traditional home-made beef bolognaise sauce
      topped with shaved parmesan cheese
  • Basquaise Style Chicken (M)$18 (G)$19
    • Chicken breast fillet cooked with black pepper,onion, capsicum, garlic, carrots, tomato cooked in traditional home-made Basquaise tomato blend sauce with mash potato & vegetable
  • Cantones Style Spicy Lamb (M)$20 (G)$22
    • Stir-fried sliced lamb fillet with carrots, mushroom, onion, celery cooked in home-made chili sauce with mash potato & vegetable

Specials From The Sea

  • Beer Battered Flathead w/ chips (M)$16.8 (G)$17.8
    • Beer battered flathead,lemon,garlic aioli,served with chips & salad
  • Home-made Crumbed Prawn Cutlets (M)$18 (G)$19
    • W/lemon, garlic aioli, chips & salad
  • Pan--Fried Salmon (M)$22.8 (G)$25
    • Pan-fried salmon fillet topped with traditional teriyaki sauce, served with mash potato & salad

Kids Special Meals

  • Chicken Fingers & chips $8
  • Grilled chicken fillet & chips $8
  • Kids fish & chips $8
  • Chicken schnitzel & chips $8
  • Schnitzel cheese burger & chips $10
  • Calamari & chips $10


  • Ice cream with chocolate,strawberry or caramel of topping (M)$2 (G)$3.5
  • Fried ice cream (M)$4.5 (G)$6